Be a model company in the outsourced operation of people management.

Convinced in the value contribution of the management based on simple and agile processes with assured technological support that allows our clients to grow in their businesses.


We specialize in comprehensive human resource process management aiding companies in the making of better workforce-related decisions.

We strive to know, comply and exceed our customer’s expectations with high-quality effective service.

Our goal is turning human resource management into a performance improvement opportunity by minimizing workforce management risks and costs in the modern world.


Our company’s nature

We are a workgroup established aiming to contribute to the moral, intellectual, professional and physical growth of our community.

We are committed to service-oriented activities tailored to meet our client’s supplying, employment, management, and citizen needs. It is therefore essential for us to uphold and convey a business ethic aiming to foster fair and transparent relations, abiding by both public and private regulations.
Unlike management alone, growth requires an openness to change, innovation, and a constant pursuit of new challenges in the spirit of strengthening our businesses, minimizing risks, achieving goals and attaining the best possible results.
We are convinced that people are the key value to our work – regardless of economic or technological assets. Our future rests in the initiative, individual effort, talent, and efficiency of our team, as well as our shared attitude, skills, and bonds. This harmonized set defines our organization’s work ethic.
We act truthfully in both our internal and external relations, ensuring the absolute consistency between what we think, say, and do.
We are particularly passionate about doing things the right way, constantly improving to addressing both our clients’ and their organizations’ needs.


Our wide range of services is aimed at supporting every part of the human resource management value chain, from identifying workforce needs and planning to terminating employment.

We have developed four process dimensions based on a comprehensive, interactive, and systemic approach to simplify management and decision-making in the company. Solutions are gradually implemented and enforced, managing the transformational impacts of new policies, processes or technological solutions.


As a BPO we guarantee strategic, operational and technological support, maximizing the value of people by aiding decision making.

Caring and ensuring an adequate
information management.

We offer the following consulting options:


Our team boasts a wholesome combination of knowledge, experience and drive towards ongoing learning, balanced regarding the ages, genders, and areas of expertise of our professionals.

We have more than 30 years of experience in implementations of People Management areas in different countries of Latin America.

Julia Obregón:

Industrial engineer with over 10 years of experience in process management and human resource apps.

Patricia Herrera:

Industrial engineer with over 10 years of experience in process management and human resource apps.

Agustín Acquaroli

General Manager with over 30 years of experience in human resource management in Latin America.

Nolly Cole

Psychotherapist and life and executive coach with over 30 years of experience nationwide and internationally.



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Lima, Perú
Telephone: +51 1 642–9065
Email: info@agree.pe

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